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Pewter Classic Collection
Coffee Service
View Item Item Number Description
1435CS Charlestown Cream and Sugar
1435T Charlestown Teapot
1435P Charlestown Coffee Pot
CCT1398 Recessed Tray, 12" dia.
CCP44 Classic Pitcher, 44oz.
  1435/3 Charlestown Coffee Set,
  1435/4 Charlestown Coffee Set,
Coffee Service/Coffee Scoops
CCCP Classic Coffee Pot, 64oz.
CCTP Classic Teapot, 40oz.
CCCS Classic Cream and Sugar
  CCTS4 Classic Coffee Set, 4-piece
CCWT12 Wood Center Tray, 12" dia.
CCWT14 Wood Center Tray, 14" dia.
CCSCP-B Rabbit Coffee Scoop
CCSCP-H Heart Coffee Scoop
CCSCP-C Crab Coffee Scoop
CCSCP-L Lighthouse Coffee Scoop
CCOT Oval Tray, 9" dia.
CCOT-LG Large Oval Tray, 12" dia.
CCT6 Scalloped Tray, 6" dia.
CCOCT Octagonal Tray, 14" dia.
CCCT Chippendale Tray, 9" dia.
RCGT Gallery Tray, 13" dia.
RCGT11 Gallery Tray, 11" dia.
CCPLT16 Plain Tray, 16" dia.
IAP65 Images Plate, 6 1/2" dia.
IAP75 Images Plate, 7 1/2" dia.
IAP85 Images Plate, 8 1/2" dia.
IAP12 Images Plate, 12 1/2" dia.
CCET12 Ebony Centered Tray, 12" dia.
CCET14 Ebony Centered Tray, 14" dia.
IATR6 Images Tray, 6" dia.
IATR8 Images Tray, 8" dia.
IATR10 Images Tray, 10" dia.
IATR12 Images Tray, 12" dia.
CCHT16 Hammered Tray, 16" dia.
CCT10 Chippendale Tray, 10" dia.
CCT12 Chippendale Tray, 12" dia.
CCT14 Chippendale Tray, 14" dia.
Historic Cups
RCJC08 Jefferson Cup, 8oz.
RCJ02 Jefferson Cup Jigger, 2oz.
IAJC08 Images Jefferson Cup, 8oz.
IAC12 Images of America Cup, 12oz.
IAC08 Images of America Cup, 8oz.
IAC05 Images of America Cup, 5oz.
IAC02 Images of America Jigger, 2oz.
SCAL12 Alabama Cup, 12oz.
SCAL09 Alabama Cup, 9oz.
SCALB05 Alabama Baby Cup, 5oz.
SCAL02 Alabama Jigger, 2oz.
  RCWCC Washington Camp Cup
IACB12 Chesapeake Bay Cup, 12oz.
IACB08 Chesapeake Bay Cup, 8oz.
IACB02 Chesapeake Bay Jigger, 2oz.
ACMA12 Massachusetts Cup, 12oz.
ACMA08 Massachusetts Cup, 8oz.
ACMD08 Maryland Cup, 8oz.
ACVA08 Virginia Cup, 8oz.
ACTX08 Texas Cup, 8oz.
ACPA08 Pennsylvania Cup, 8oz.
SCLA12 Louisiana Julep Cup, 12oz.
SCLA09 Louisiana Julep Cup, 9oz.
ACNY08 New York Cup, 8oz.
SCKY12 Kentucky Julep Cup, 12oz.
SCKY09 Kentucky Julep Cup, 9oz.
SCKYB05 Kentucky Baby Cup, 5oz.
SCKY02 Kentucky Jigger, 2oz.
SCKY05 Kentucky Cup, 5oz.
SCCC16 Carolina Cup, 16oz.
SCCT12 Carolina Tankard, 12oz.
SCCC12 Carolina Cup, 12oz.
SCCC08 Carolina Cup, 8oz.
SCCC05 Carolina Cup, 5oz.
SCCB05 Carolina Baby Cup, 5oz.
SCCJ02 Carolina Jigger, 2oz.
SCTN12 Tennessee Julep Cup, 12oz.
SCTN09 Tennessee Julep Cup, 9oz.
SCTN02 Tennessee Jigger, 2oz.
SCGA12 Georgia Cup, 12oz.
SCGA09 Georgia Cup, 9oz.
SCGAB05 Georgia Baby Cup, 5oz.
SCGA02 Georgia Jigger, 2oz.
SCMS12 Mississippi Julep Cup, 12oz.
SCMS09 Mississippi Julep Cup, 9oz.
SCMSB05 Mississippi Baby Cup, 5oz.
SCMS02 Mississippi Jigger, 2oz.
Crab Items
SR-PNDCR Crab Pin (sold in sets of 6)
CRAB Crab, 3"
CRAB5 Crab, 5"
  CRBWL Crab with Nut Dish
Hurricane Lamps/Candlesticks
IAHL Images Hurricane Lamp, 9"
CCS1367 Colonial Hurricane Lamp, 10 1/4"
CCS1366 Colonial Candlesticks, Pair, 4 1/4"
IACSP Images Candlesticks, Pair, 4"
IAHL15 Images Hurricane Lamp, 15"
CCS1368 Colonial Candlesticks, Pair, 8 1/4"
Candle Snuffers
CCS1 Tulip Candle Snuffer
CCS2 Classic Candle Snuffer
CCS3 Floral Candle Snuffer
CCS4 Lighthouse Candle Snuffer
CCS6 Capitol Dome Candle Snuffer
CCS7 Birdhouse Candle Snuffer
CCS8 Watering Can Candle Snuffer
CCS9 Bunny/Carrot Candle Snuffer
CCS10 Pig Candle Snuffer
CCS11 Beehive Candle Snuffer
CCSW-5 Classic Wood Handled
Candle Snuffer
IAB45 Images Bowl, 4 1/2" dia.
IAB55 Images Bowl, 5 1/2" dia.
IAB65 Images Bowl, 6 1/2" dia.
IAB75 Images Bowl, 7 1/2" dia.
IARB4 Revere Bowl, 4" dia.
IARB5 Revere Bowl, 5" dia.
IARB7 Revere Bowl, 7" dia.
IARB9 Revere Bowl, 9" dia.
IAPB Punch Bowl, 10" dia., one gallon
CCHB5 Hammered Bowl, 5" dia.
CCHB6 Hammered Bowl, 6" dia.
Nut & Candy Dishes
IANB3 Three-Sided Nut Bowl
IANB4 Four-Sided Nut Bowl
IACP5 Images Compote, 5" dia.
IACD5 Images Candy Dish, 5" dia.
IACCD Images Covered Candy Dish
IAPA Apple, 4"
Potpourri Jars & Gift Sets
CPPUSMC-GS U.S. Marine Corps Potpourri Gift Set
  CPPUSNAV-GS U.S. Navy Potpourri Gift Set
  CPPUSCG-GS U.S. Coast Guard Potpourri Gift Set
Flower of the Month Bracelets
CFMB-01 January/Carnation
CFMB-02 February/Violet
CFMB-03 March/Jonquil
CFMB-04 April/Daisy
CFMB-05 May/Lily of the Valley
CFMB-06 June/Rose
CFMB-07 July/Larkspur
CFMB-08 August/Poppy
CFMB-09 September/Aster
CFMB-10 October/Cosmos
CFMB-11 November/Chrysanthemum
CFMB-12 December/Narcissus
SR-PB2 Plain Pewter Bracelet, 3/4 "
PB1 Plain Pewter Bracelet, 1"
DFMB Bracelet Display
SR-PNSCR Crab Pin (sold in sets of 6)